College is a time for growth and what is better than growing with a group of real strong women? From studying to traveling together, Alpha Chi loves to encourage members to support each other. Sisterhood retreats as well as new member retreats are planned to create long lasting memories. Sisterhood activities are also put on such as movie nights, LipSync nights, bowling and much more!

Social events are looked forward to as mixers, date dash, and our annual formal dance are organized through out the year.

Another large bonding experience for Alpha Chi Omega is participating in intramurals. With a team in almost every sport, sisters are ready to cheer on or off the field.

  • Camp 1

    Camp Alpha Chi is a chance for sisters to disconnect from hectic lives and reconnect with each other while sitting around a campfire eating s'mores and singing our favorite songs.

  • Up All Night With AXO

    Who doesn't dream of having the slumber party of the Princess Diaries?