Symbols & Traditions

Alpha Chi Omega Traditions

Members of Alpha Chi Omega have enjoyed the heritage and traditions shared in our sisterhood for nearly 130 years. Some of these special traditions include:

  • Founders' Day - Sisters gather on October 15th of each year to recognize the fraternity’s fall founding at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Traditionally, collegians and alumnae honor our Founders with acts of service, friendship and leadership, and by coming together to celebrate Alpha Chi Omega’s heritage.

  • Hera Day - On March 1st of each year, members recognize the fraternity's commitment to helping others by conducting service projects and offering assistance to others. This day is dedicated to bettering and instilling happiness in the lives of others. We separate into groups and dedicate our service to local places in the area like firefighters, schools, etc.

  • MacDowell Month (February) - Named for the MacDowell artists’ colony in New Hampshire (Alpha Chi Omega’s first philanthropic project), this month also honors our Founders’ heritage as musicians. During MacDowell Month, our members are encouraged to become patrons of the arts, and attend exhibitions, concerts and other events.

  • National Convention – Members join together every two years to conduct Fraternity business, reunite with fellow Alpha Chis and celebrate Alpha Chi Omega.

The Symphony of Alpha Chi Omega

The Symphony