Alpha Chi Omega participates in formal and informal recruitment through Florida International University’s Panhellenic Council. Alpha Chi Omega sisters are always excited about Recruitment. We would like to welcome all of the potential new members to Florida International University and wish each of you the best of luck throughout the Recruitment process. Recruitment is always an exciting time for our chapter and we, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, look forward to meeting you during Recruitment!

The Membership Selection Process...

When a young woman accepts a bid for membership in Alpha Chi Omega, she is welcomed and accepted as she is, and she will never be expected to fit a specific mold. Potential new members are selected for membership in Alpha Chi after meeting our five national standards of membership. The sisters of Alpha Chi, Kappa Upsilon chapter included, all exemplify to the best of our ability the personal qualities of character, leadership, academic interest, personal development and financial responsibility.

Alpha Chi Omega Membership Criteria...

  • Academic Interest

    Alpha Chi Omega believes in the importance of intellectual development and encourages sound scholarship and intellectual achievement.

  • Character

    Alpha Chi Omega expects members to accept and reflect moral integrity and dignity, social awareness, and fraternity loyalty.

  • Financial Responsibility

    Alpha Chi Omega expects members to be responsible for the prompt payment of all dues and fees and other financial commitments.

  • Leadership Ability

    Alpha Chi Omega believes that character, personality, and leadership are developed through participation in campus activities and encourages each collegian to be interested in her community.

  • Personal Development

    Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members in their cultural appreciation, the social awareness, and personal presentation.

A Message from our VP Recruitment

Recruitment is approaching very soon and Alpha Chi Omega couldn't be more excited to welcome new members with open arms! We invite you to learn about us and the adventure that awaits for those looking for sisterhood, leadership, laughter and the chance to grow more as an individual. We want you to feel like you are finding your home, and most importantly, yourself. This is the chance to find the little things in a sorority that the define who you are, even the little things like your favorite food, your favorite song to dance to, or your favorite activity. Want to binge eat while watching mean girls? That sounds so fetch and we'll make it happen! Want to go to Disney with all your sisters? Sounds magical to me! This is what finding your home is all about. Get excited girls because this is an opportunity that you will hold forever as one of your best memories.

VP Recruitment